Felt Wool Gasket/Seal Material - Complete Kit of 1mm/2mm/3mm/6mm Felt + White Marker Pen

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This Felt seal making kit consists of a variety of the thickness of 100% Black Wool Felt offered in the other listings + a white (PAINT) marker pen which is ideal for the purpose of marking out the washer/seal to be made before cutting.

The kit consists of the following felt items, all of which are also offered as individual items:

1 x Item 0831: 1mm thickness 510mm x 410mm Felt Sheet

1 x Item 0834: 2mm thickness 310mm x 250mm Felt Sheet

1 x Item 0835: 3mm thickness 310mm x 250mm Felt Sheet

2 x Item 0837: 6mm thickness 100mm x 80mm Felt Patch's

1 x White (PAINT) Marker Pen (not sold seperately)

This kit provides 4 thicknesses of 100% Wool black felt, which should cover most applications for making those special seals/gaskets/seat underlay which are sometimes necessary as part of a classic bike restoration.  Please read the individual listings for the normal usage for each thickness - but buying as a kit, as well as being very useful, provides a small saving over buying each individually.

Why not ask Santa or a loved one for the kit if they are struggling to think what to buy you for Xmas!


As part of motorcycle restoration I have found 3 common usages of felt sheet, which are:

1: Soaking up Excess Oil - i.e. cambox's and primary chain rungs:

Many years ago it was common to see wool felt used on competition bikes in areas where oil leaked - to soak up that excess oil.  Particularly, for SOHC and DOHC Norton's, I have seen felt used around the underneath of cambox's, to help soak up oil leaking from the cambox. If you are one of those lucky people whose cambox never leaks, then this may not be required - but if like the rest of us (!) your cambox has some leaking, this thin sheet can be very useful for soaking up the oil and helping prevent it leaking over the rest of the engine.  Being wool (unlike man made fibres) it does not melt when hot and stays absorbent - then periodically the felt can be removed, squeezed and washed before placing back.  I Will leave it to you how you place it - but it in the past I have fitted it under cambox's similar to in the picture - wrapped into a roll and placed between springs under the cambox.

Likewise - if you have a bike with an open primary chain (or even the final drive chain) - it used to be common to see felt wrapped around a lower frame (or swingarm) tube, then lockwired, to soak up the worst of chain oil

 2: Underlay for Seats and Saddles:

If you are restoring an original seat or saddle - wool felt is an excellent material to place over the steel base, or springs, before fitting foam or covers.  Particularly with the older saddles - it is a good idea to fit felt sheet over the springs before fitting the cover - to stop the springs chaffing the cover.  This thin 1mm felt sheet is the ideal material for doing this

This item (0831) is the bigger sheet size being 510mm x 410mm, which should be enough to cover most common size saddles - see photograph for this listing.  We also sell a smaller sheet (Item 0832) if only a smaller patch required

 3: Felt Washer and Seals:

The normal use for wool felt on classic motorcycle is for making felt washers and seals.  Normally felt seals are made from thicker material - and you will see we also sell 2mm, 3mm and 6mm felt for this purpose

All our felts are high quality 100% Wool from a reputable UK source.  I use the same felt for my own restorations.  Email on our sales email if you require other lengths or thicknesses (or colours!), we may be able to provide them. They are individually packed in sealable bags to keep the material clean until ready to use 

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