Felt Wool Gasket/Seal Material - 3mm Black Wool - 310mm x 250xmm Sheet

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3mm thick, 100% Wool Black Felt sheet - 310mm x 250mm size.  This is 3mm (thicker variety) pure wool felt material - very useful for making felt washers and seals of the type often covering wheel bearings or around primary chaincases, or other areas where you want to stop seeping of oil and grease.  This material allows you to cut washers and seals to the size you require.  Price per sheet  

This 3mm thick felt material is the type I most often use for making felt seals and bearings - it being the thickest commercially available wool felt I have been able to find, and a similar thickness to many original motorcycle felt washers.  Being 100% wool, and of a dense weave, it is excellent for retaining grease/oil etc, as well as being hard wearing and heat resistent - which many man made materials are not.

This size of sheet will allow you to make a large quantity of felt seals and is useful if you restore multiple bikes.  If you only need to make a specific felt seal or a couple of seals, we also sell a smaller size of this 3mm sheet - Item 0836

Felt seals are rarely seen in the modern world of motorcycles - but they were very commonly fitted on older motorcycles - not just on bearings, but any area where there may be a likelyhood of oil seeping out, this felt helping to stop constant drips on the floor, or dirt getting into bearing areas.  It also has the advantage of being able to be cleaned or washed out with degreasant rather than throwing away.

We do sell a few purpose made felt washers - but do to the cost of having custom made washer cutteres made - it is more economical to buy a sheet of wool felt and cut them to size when needed - this material is ideal for this. In the accompanying photos I show how I normally cut them.  First of all I use a suitable marker pen and find it easiest for round washer seals to just keep a variety of washers and coins of various thicknesses.  I then draw around the circumference of an appropriately sized washer to mark out the shape.  I then use good quality heavy duty scissors - I have found those like in the photograph best, I think these are the type used by clothing makers.  Just work slowly and carefully and keep the felt as close to the pivot point of the blades to give the sharpest cut.  To cut the centre out, I first fold the washer in half, and make a nick that the sharp scissor blade can fit through - then I start in the middle and work slowly out in a spiral fashion.  Finally, I trim the outer circumference of the washer to make it as round as possible - I find turning it over makes it easier to remove any pointy bits and ensures a nice round profile.

I think using this good quality black felt adds an original touch to restorations - so always keep a variety of thicknesses for this purpose.

All our felts are high quality 100% Wool from a reputable UK source.  I use the same felt for my own restorations.  Email on our sales email if you require other lengths or thicknesses (or colours!), we may be able to provide them. They are individually packed in sealable bags to keep the material clean until ready to use 

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