Stop/Go Bore Gauges: Imperial 0.3750" (3/8") to 0.7510" (3/4")

Product no.: 0813 Imperial 0.3750" to 0.7510"
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Selection of Stop/Go Bore Gauges: Imperial 0.3750" (3/8) to 0.7510" (3/4)

A selection of pre-used precision Stop/Go gauges for use in the home workshop for engineering and manufacturing use. These gauges are very useful for measuring the bores of holes when making parts in the workshop, they have two sizes - one representing the acceptable bore size (Go, shown in green) and out of tolerance (Stop, shown in red). 

These particular gauges all came from an aeronautical engineering companies measuring shop in the North of England, when the company ceased trading 

We have Bore/Thread gauges for both Imperial and Metric sizes - this listing is for Imperial (inch) sizes.

-These are mostly used gauges (although we can see that some of them look like they have never been used), We have graded these gauges according to our best visual interpretation of their conditions, categorized as follows:

1-Unused/New in appearance
2-Good, used
3-Good, well used
4-Fair to poor, still usable but signs of much use

Each of the gauges listed in this section have detailed information regarding them and an image showing the gauge.

Item Dimension Type STOP GO Closest Fraction Make Grade Price LOC
1202 Imperial 0.3755 0.3750 3/8 YPG 3 £6.00 B12
1203 Imperial 0.3759 0.3750 3/8 YPG 2 £7.00 B12
1204 Imperial 0.4375 0.4370 7/16 YPG 2 £8.00 B12
1205 Imperial 0.4380 0.4375 7/16 YPG 2 £8.00 B12
1206 Imperial 0.5630 0.5625 9/16 YPG 2 £9.00 B12
1207 Imperial 0.6258 0.6250 5/8 CG 2 £10.00 B12
1208 Imperial 0.7510 0.7502 3/4 WAK 3 £9.00 B12


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