Douglas 2 3/4hp - Black Etched 12 Gauge Spoke Sets - Special Order

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This is a Special Order listing for 12 gauge black etched spokes of the type fitted to Veteran Beaded Edge wheels of Edwardian era. 

In the photograph are shown 3 different lengths of spokes - on the right is a set of 40 spokes for a 26" x 2" front wheel, to fit the small cotton reel hub on the right in the photograph.

On the left a similar set of 40 spokes/nipples for a 26" x 2.5" rear wheel, using the standard Douglas 2 3/3hp hub shown in the upper left.

Finally in the middle is a set of 20 short 12 gauge spokes to secure the Douglas belt rim to the wheel rim.  In the background you can see a black enamelled beaded edge rear rim which has holes drilled in multiples of 3, where the spoke for the belt rim locates in the middle hole.

These spokes are high quality stainless spokes, black etched and look really nice.  Nipples are plated brass. They are supplied by my normal UK based manufacturer to my specified length.

I have made this listing 'Special Order'  because you will need to specify the length of the spokes you require, as well as angle of the spoke head - mine were all 90 degrees.  I found when building these wheels up myself that a number of factors can influence the length required - i.e. type of rim used, spoke pattern chosen (the biggest single factor) etc, therefore, if at all possible - try and use your original spoke as a pattern, and if you are rebuilding an existing wheel - use the dimension of your original spoke as a template for length and head angle.

As you can see - we can also supply the small spokes for holding a belt rim to the rim - if your veteran bike has belt drive - in the case of my Douglas wheels - 20 of these small spokes were required.  We also sell our own manufactured belt retaining bolts (see Item 0301) that are used in conjunction with these small spokes, to retain the belt rim tight up against the main spokes.  These belt rim retaining bolts are drilled to fit these 12 Gauge spokes.

As I am sure you will understand - it is important to make sure you measure the spoke length you require carefully - as these are Special Order, you will not be able to return them once manufactured.  Expect delivery to be approximately 6 weeks from being ordered - so leave plenty of time if intending to run the bike on the next Pioneer Run!

To order or ask for more information email us on: quoting this Item Number, or place an order for this item and stating details in notes section at checkout.

As an aside:  When building my own Douglas wheels with these spokes, I measured spokes carefully from originals - but still got the rear wheel length wrong, as I think I did not use the exact same spoke pattern as the original.  I ended up buying a special 12 gauge spoke threading tool and some additional spokes to cut to length.  Although the end result was pleasing - see photographs, it was extremely time consuming and hard work.  Therefore the message is clear - if at all possible, ensure you have the correct length of spoke taken from an existing wheel, and then make sure you copy the same spoke build pattern! 

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