Norton 1953 Sales Catalog - Colour Facsimile

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  - This is a good quality facsimile of the 1953 Norton Sales Catalog.  It is copied on good quality paper from an original 1953 sales catalog. It includes good quality pictures of that year's SV, OHV, Dominator and 500T Trials models.

As can be seen from the second photograph, we have reproduced this catalog in full colour, but have reduced the print size slightly, so it can be printed in the original side by side format, double sided on A3 paper (they are 8" x 6" when complete) - as the original Post-War catalogs were printed on a weird paper size my printer could not replicate.  However, as a reference tool for restoring your 1953 Norton, or just providing an interesting read - the slight reduction in size does not detract from the quality of the print at all - the features of the motorcycle are still clearly discernable.

A second point - the 1953 catalog unfortunately did not include a picture of the SOHC International or DOHC Manx models, sorry about this - but just wanted to make it clear, so you do not purchase it thinking a picture of the SOHC will be present, sorry in 1953 they did not.  However, it does have a nice picture of that year's 500T Trials model, as well as SV model, OHV ES2 and two dominator models.

Although the original catalog was expensive to purchase, and we reproduce it in full colour, the cost of these facsimiles is much cheaper than the pre-war type we also offer, as there are not as many pages.  However, it is a useful reference tool as it shows the correct features for 1953 models

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