RN Prayer Book Spring (Spring Only)

RN Prayer Book Spring (Spring Only)

Product no.: 0805 185/106
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- This is the distinctive 'Prayer Book' spring fitted to Amal RN Remote Needle carburettors.  It fits over the alloy cap that blanks the Remote Needle part of the casting, where the needle sits.  This listing is for the spring only.

We also sell the Cap/Spring assembly - Item listing 0167, but this listing is for the spring only, in case you have the cap already.  

The spring holds the alloy cap in place to stop and stops it flying away in use, it is retained by the knurled top ring - as shown in the photograph of an original RN carburettor with the Cap/Spring fitted.

Sorry this spring is not cheap - but I have had a batch of this distinctive spring specially made from an original pattern, and they were very expensive

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