OHV/SV Pre 1938 Magneto Chain + Soft Link: 1930's OHV/SV Models (42 Link)

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Genuine Renolds magneto chain and one soft link, to fit 1930's (up to 1938) OHV and SV (Mod 18, ES2, 19, 16H, Big4 etc) with 42 links. Note, these chains should use a riveted (soft link), not a circlip link. 

I supply each chain with the proper (expensive!) soft link They are extremely fiddly and time consuming to rivet this soft link over, and can sometimes result in a tight spot that has to be 'eased'. Because of this I supply the soft link ready to fit, but do not fit it, as it often marks the chain - then you would think it was second hand!

This particular chain is the 42 link version as used on pre-war OHV and Side Valve models - including the WD 16H model used throughout WWII.  You can see in the accompanying photograph one of these chains matched up against a WD 16H engine in my workshop.

Note: later OHV/SV engines (1938 onwards) had a longer timing chain casting matched with a longer 44 link chain - this was part number C2/113.  Although we do not show this item listed I can make them to special order, please email on our normal email address - sales@racingvincent.co.uk. 

And finally - if you have a pre-war Model 50/55 350cc model, that too was a different chain to this one - it being part number 3710.  I no longer have a pattern of this engine type in my collection (I sold one though about 20 years ago!).  If you want to order one for this model, email us with the correct number of links/soft link and we can make one to order.

If you prefer to fit a spring link - we can also supply these seperately.  They are much easier to fit, but some people think they are slightly less reliable - not sure if it really makes any difference but will leave the choice with you.

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