HT Cable - Ochre and Black Cloth : Sheathed Competition Lead 1920's-40's (per ft)

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- Woven cloth HT lead of the type originally used on many competition and roadgoing motorcycles from the early 1920's through to the 1940's.  Ochre/Orange in colour with black flecks - this HT lead is sheathed in a durable and waterproof covering that gives a very authentic look - as per the celluloid covering of the original period HT lead.  Price is per foot

This HT lead looks great on any period restoration pre-1950's, but particularly good on competition motorcycles - where this high quality type lead seemed to have been more commonly used (rather than the standard black rubber HT lead we also sell, used on many roadgoing models).  I have seen original competition BTH magneto's fitted with this style of HT lead - although in all cases, the original celulloid was perished and the HT lead was no longer usable.

When ordering - quantity of 1 equals 1 foot (I normally find 18" to two feet is the ideal length for a BTH KD1 on a Norton SOHC engine).

As you can see here, I have shown photos of it being used on some of my Norton BTH magneto's, but also I have used it on my veteran 1919 Douglas model, in conjunction with original brass HT knurled spark plug fittings - where it looks really excellent.  

Note Spring 2019:  I have been looking for a supplier of this type of competition HT lead for many years, so am really pleased we are now able to offer it.  Not cheap (it is manufactured  in the US), but looks excellent and I will be fitting it to some of my restorations in the future

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