Wiring Harness for Rigid/Plunger Singles (SOHC/OHV/SV) Genuine Lucas : Horn by Saddle Fitting

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This listing is for a complete wiring harness to fit most rigid and plunger framed Norton singles, manufactured by Lucas.  This variant is the less  common type, where the horn was fitted near the saddle mount.  The harness is a very good reproduction of the type fitted 1930's - 1950's, including employing a cloth main harness with rubber sheath

I was originally going to look at having proper 'period' wiring harnesses made myself - but when I saw that Lucas had gone to the trouble to have done it themselves - and made such a nice job of it, I am now just listing these instead.  

They offer some variations, the type here is the type fitted to most Norton models using Rigid or Plunger chassis - which should cover all SOHC, OHV, SV models employing Lucas Mag/Dyno electrical lighting and may also fit for similar chassis Norton twin (Dominators) as well.  This particular variant is intended for those bikes where the horn will be attached close to the sadlle mount, which may suit your bike - but is less common than the type that horn is fitted to the front engine plates - which we also sell - Item 0710.  However, I do know that the Norton OHV and Domintor range that used pre-Featherbed swinging arm chassis fitted their horns near the saddle (including the type in the photo with the lozenge type battery box) - which this harness should fit, provding it is a mag/dyno (i.e. pre alternator type. However I should also be able to obtain the later type, please email on normal sales@racingvincent.co.uk email

The kit comes supplied with main harness, sub harness, couple of loose wires and wiring instruction diagram.  Note: I also sell a laminate of the electrical wiring harness in more detail, taken from the original Norton International Workshop Manual - which you may find more useful, check in 4.a Norton Literature section

Note May 2021: The Classic Lucas range are now starting to be delivered in new 'red 1960's style' packaging, rather than the previous green branding.  Both types are still being sent to us - but expect red will be the more common going forward, but rest assured the contents and instructions are exactly the same for both packaging types.

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