Douglas 2 3/4hp and 4hp - Tanktop Gear Lever Stainless Steel Centre Bolt

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This is a CNC manufactured stainless steel reproduction of the bolt that retains the wooden gearknob fitted to two speed Douglas 2 3/4hp and 4hp models up from 1912'ish, to the mid 1920's.  It's thread and profile is copied from an original item and it has a shouldered plain shaft that allows the bolt to 'bottom' against the gearlever and the knob to spin freely

I have faithfully CNC replicated the gearknob bolt in stainless steel.  To ensure I got the right thread dimensions, I went to the original gearlever/bolt I had fitted to a second, heavily corroded, 1917 Douglas 2 3/4hp chassis I also have.  You can see in the photographs that the gearlever and bolt were very heavily corroded and most of the bolt had actually rotted away, along with any traces of the wooden knob itself.  But having derusted the lever/bolt, I was able to oxy/acetylened the lever to release the original bolt and - as hoped, this was able to provide me with a very good original thread profile and the small rounded nipple at the bottom of the bolt that fits into the gear plate recess.  From this I was able to ascertain that (not suprisingly), the original thread is a Douglas 'special' thread of 0.255" x 24 TPI, which I have replicated on these bolts.

Note - listing is for shouldered bolt only.  However, we also sell this bolt combined with the original gearknob - see Item 0698

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