Castrol R40 - 1 Litre

Castrol R40 - 1 Litre

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The classic racing oil of choice! This is still considered one of the best solutions possible for high performance engines, partly because of its reluctance to break down under high temperatures/pressures. It is still considered by many the best choice for classic racing engines - particularly those employing mainly roller/ball bearings like our Norton camshaft engines - I use Castor oil in all my Norton engines, and believe Stu Rogers does likewise. I can also supply Rock Oil Castor oil - this is the preferred castor oil of the modern speedway riders. I find it is a little 'cleaner' than Castrol R, but has less of the distinctive smell Castrol R is famous for - email us for further details Note: postage and packaging is charged seperately on this item, as it will be posted on its own.

This listing is for a 1 litre size container

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