Norton SOHC/OHV/SV - Crankcase One Way Valve Breather Pipe - For Inter With Chaincases

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Crankcase drive side breather pipe that fits on one way valve on SOHC road going International models with Norton oilbath chaincease fitted, includes lockwire for fitting black oil pipe, (if required) 

this is the crankcase drive side breather pipe, and 1/4" BSP union nut' to fit between SOHC engines and the Norton Oilbath chaincases, fitted to roadgoing Norton International models.  It also comes with 1 foot of stainless lockwire, in case you wish to fit an additional lengti of black rubber breather pipe to the end of this pipe.

Note - this listing does not include the actual One Way Valve, which is available seperately - Item 0248

Please note:  as you can see in the 2nd and 3rd photographs - the bend on this breather pipe has a sharp bend initially to stop it from fouling a spanner being fitted to the International Norton rear engine bolt.  Because of this we have found it best to create the initial bend profile on a pipe bender (as we do with most other patterns) but then fit it to an engine with plates - so we can ensure it clears the bolt correctly.  The pipe also has a small kink in it midway to ensure it bends in and does not fould the chaincase.  Because we do this by hand against a real engine - each pipe may just vary slightly from the pattern in the picture.  

Although originally listed for SOHC engines - the OHV/SV engine also fitted a very similar pipe . . . it is almost impossible now to say if the original bend is replicated for these - I have seen so many knocked and bent over the years, but have not reason to think they will not fit OHV/SV just as well (and they can always be given a slight tweak to clear any bolt heads you may want access to)

April 2021: These are currently out of stock we are having a new batch made which should be available in next 3 months - email at if you wish to reserve

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