Competition Rubber Saddle Kit - Dunlop 1930's Type Saddle

Competition Rubber Saddle Kit - Dunlop 1930's Type Saddle

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Excellent reproduction example of the classic 'Dunlop' rubber competition saddle, used on Norton SOHC Racing Internationals/early Manx Norton and other competition motorcycles of the 1930's. 

Supplied in kit form and includes a pair of our own lasercut front mounting brackets.  

This kit is UK manufactured, is of good quality and has all the parts and instructions to allow you to fabricate this saddle yourself with little difficulty.  It is of the same construction of the type I had previously fitted to my Big Plunger 1938 Manx and the kit in this form has been unavailable until recently for a number of years.

With each saddle kit we also supply a pair of our lasercut front frame mounting brackets to help give an alternative mounting bracket to that supplied with the manufacturers kit.

Width is approximately 14" across widest point.  Larger than our other competition saddle cover (item 0618) - which is overall of a slightly smaller size, as originally these rubber saddles were offered in two different sizes.  This kit is for the larger size.

(note - in the photograph of the underside of this saddle, with the parts loosely assembled - I have inadvertently placed the rear frame member upside down - it should be assembled with the saddle spring mounts curving downwards when the saddle is placed the right way up)

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