OHV (ES2, Mod 18, Mod19) and (Part) CS1 Valve Guide - Phosphor Bronze

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Phospher bronze valve guide to fit Norton OHV engines - ES2, Model 18, Model 19, Model 50 etc.  May also fit Exhaust for 1930's CS1 - please check for this model. Price is Each

An original Norton ES2 valve guide was used as the pattern for this valve guide.  It should fit most Norton OHV models from 1930's to late 1950's, but please email at sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you have any doubts - as there were a few OHV anomalies in the 1930's.

Likewise, pre-war the Norton SOHC CS1 model did list the exhaust valve guide being the same as the ES2 valve guide (but inlet shown as different).  Obviously - if your SOHC engine is  designed for hairpin valve springs, then this valve guide is not correct, but if you have a coil valve spring CS1 (which we sell the CS1/OHV springs and cups for) then this guide may be suitable, if using our OHV valves

As can be seen in the accompanying photographs - the guides are shown here fitted into a 1938-47 style Norton Model 18/ES2 cast iron OHV head, but are also suitable for all post-war OHV variants until the late 1950's.  When fitting these guides - either with cast iron or alloy heads - the heads should be heated in the oven and the guides placed in a freezer as they are an interference fit, and a good quality stepped drift used to quickly punch them in.  I normally place head in oven on full blast for at least 10 minutes (spit on head - when spit bounces back it is hot enough) and the guides in the freezer for at least 1 hr.  With cast iron heads (like in photo) some effort to punch them in is often necessary, I place the head on a wooden board on the garage floor to ensure best purchase, with least chance of cracking fins on hard floor.

Note: We also copied the side oil hole from the original pattern.  Many years ago when riding and racing OHV Norton models I saw valve guides of all types - some had this hole and some did not - I assume some early '30's OHV engines did have additional oil feed pipes into the heads.  If your head does not have oilway drain, then this hole can be ignored

High quality CNC machined, price is for each

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