SOHC International 30/40 Driveside Mainshaft Inner Bearing Spacer

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- This is the inner bearing spacer that fits between the two driveside main bearings on International 30/40 and CS1/CSJ aluminium-crankcases engines - they are the 'normal' correct width to ensure the inner roller race of the innermost roller bearing should just be held central to the outer roller bearing race (but this should be checked as part of assembly) and should be used in conjunction with the corresponding outer spacer - Item 0663

These spacers are machined from high tensile EN24 steel and CNC machined 

SOHC engines can be found fitted with both lipped and non-lipped roller bearings on the innermost drive side bearing.  As the SOHC engine had its crankshaft 'locked' to the Timing side bearing (because of the bevel gears on that side), a small amount of 'float' on the roller bearing on the drive side is acceptable.

This inner bearing spacer fits between the roller and ball type drive side bearings - and when fitted in conjunction with item 0663 should give approximately 15 thou of clearance on the lip if a 'Lipped Roller Bearing' is fitted.  Likewise if a non - lipped roller bearing is fitted, the rollers should run relaively central to the outer track.  However, it is essential when assembling an engine for the first time with these spacers for the first time to confirm this is the case - as the engine was manufacutred for many years and there can be slight variations (or modifications made by subsequent owners. 

When assembling - I normally aim for approx 10-15 thou of side clearance between the driveside of the flywheel and main bearings, and for the roller bearing to be running close to central (and of course the inner part of the roller bearing will have a small amount of 'float'.

If you assemble the engine crank and bearings into the crankcases and it 'locks up' as the engine bolts are tightened - you may have 'negative' clearance', and not sufficient clearance on the drive side mainshaft.  If so - this inner spacer may need to be slimmed 


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