SOHC/DOHC M30 Racing Primary Chain Oiling Pipe & Bracket


SOHC/DOHC M30 Racing Primary Chain Oiling Pipe & Bracket

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This is the bracket and rubber oil pipes that fits to the driveside rear engine plate on Rigid and Gardengate M30/Manx Nortons, allowing oil from the oil tank front primary oiler to be fed onto the primary chain

I have the braket laser cut, then bent to shape then copper pipe silver soldered to it, before fettling and finally satin nickel plated.  

The bracket comes complete with two lengths of black 'rubber' type oil pipe fitted and already lockwired (using stainless lockwire) to the bracket.  The pipes are supplied slightly over length so they can be trimmed to your bike.  They are 3/16" bore oil pipe and should link up directly to the front primary chain oilers of Manx wrapround oil tanks, which we also sell - Item No 0570.

Finally, with each bracket we also supply an additional 1ft length of stainless lockwire, so you can lockwire the top pipe to your oiler.  

In the accompanying photographs I show an image from the 1948 Norton Spare Parts Catalog, showing Manx oil tank and fittings, which shows this item as part no 10 (A11M/855).  I also show the actual bracket held against my part built 1937 Norton International, which although not fitted with a wapround tank, gives you an indication of where the pipe fits - allowing oil to be dripfed onto the lower rung of the primary chain

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