SOHC Cambox - Exhaust Valve Lifter Bearing

SOHC Cambox - Exhaust Valve Lifter Bearing

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This is the shouldered SOHC Cambox - Exhaust Valve Lifter Bearing that holds the eccentric exhaust valve lifter spindle - made in phospher bronze.

This bearing fits into the cambox back plate, with the shoulder on the rocker arm side, then the Eccentric Pin that we also sell (Item No xxxx) fits in this bearing, up against the shoulder, and the exhaust lifter arm (Item No xxxx) locates on the other side of the pin and holds it all in place.

We already sell all the other parts of the assembly, but I have been asked a number of times about if we can supply this bearing - so this is it.

Note:  Not all SOHC cambox's have the correct backplate with provision for the bearing - there were 3 or 4 variants.  If you do have the correct backplate with bearing fitted but worn and sloppy - then fine, just press old bearing out (preferably by heating cambox backplate in oven first, to expand alloy - bearing should come out reasonably easy) and press the new bearing in, to give nice slide fit of our pin.

If you have a cambox backplate 

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