Black 5/16" Oil Pipe/Breather Pipe - 3ft / 900mm Length (non-Ethanol)

Black 5/16" Oil Pipe/Breather Pipe - 3ft / 900mm Length (non-Ethanol)

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Black (original rubber style) 5/16" oil reistent pipe for use for oil breather pipes, oil pipes (or even big bore fuel pipes if required - although 1/4" bore pipe is more normally used) - 3 foot /900mm length

This high quality oil resistent pipe has the correct look and feel to the original black rubber type used on most classic motorcycles in the 1930's - 50's.  This type of pipe was often used on competition bikes.  All writing from the pipe has been removed (a particularly ardous and time consuming task - as all modern pipes are supplied with the makers details along the length of the pipe - which I then have to remove).  

Note: this pipe looks exactly the same as Item 0634, except is from an earlier batch, and therefore does not come as certified as Ethanol proof.  It is still rated as oil-resistent and as I sell this pipe as oil and breather pipe, should work just as well for that purpose - and is slightly cheaper than Item 0634

Using this type of oil pipe (rather than the more modern clear pipe) adds a very nice period touch to your restoration - particularly on competition and sports bikes 

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