Lockwire - 12" length of Stainless Steel Lockwire

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Lockwire:  12"/(approx) 300mm length of Goodrich stainless steel lockwire, for lockwiring breather pipes.

This is a length of good quality lockwire, for wiring up breather pipes (and fuel pipes if required) in a manner that was often done in the 1930's - 50's, particularly on racing bikes.

Best to apply it in the way shown in the second photograph - first run a short length of approximately 2" (50mm) in line with the pipe, bending 90 degrees at the point where you want the lockwire binding to start (i.e. with the tail of the lockwire running out of the end of the rubber pipe).  Then spin the pipe while keeping the lockwire tight with the other hand, creating a number of closely arranged rings around the pipe, and covering the tail of lockwire you had previously laid.  Finally after about 10 turns - bring the wire level with the previously laid tail, cut to the same length and then twist the two tails together - either with lockwire pliers or normal pliers, which should tighten everything up.  Then cut the twisted lockwire approx 0.5"/12mm and bend the twisted element flush to the rings.

Using this lockwire adds a very nice period touch to your restoration - particularly on competition and sports bikes 

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