Norton SOHC - Rocker Box Feed Pipe - Complete

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Complete Cambox Feed pipe and 1/4" BSP union nut's to fit all SOHC models (30/40, M30/M40 etc), with lockwired oil resistent pipe middle piece - so pipe length can be adjusted to suit the height length of your crankcase/barrel/head/cambox combination.  

In addition, as with other breather pipes we sell - we also supply a seperate 12"/300mm length of stainless steel lockwire, in case your engine has an unusually short height and you want to shorten one of the two copper pipes - and then you will have a piece of lockwire available to wire it up again.

These pipes are made from good quality copper with brass connectors and then nickel plated to give an excellent satin finish very similar to the original.  The bend shape and ferrule profile I have tried to faithfully replicate from an original I have.  As you can imagine - over the many years SOHC engines were made there were many variations in the cambox oil pipe shape and form - however, I think the profile we have followed here is aethisically correct looking profile.  

The central section is high quality black oil resistent pipe of the type that would have been originally fitted - with all writing removed (a laborious task - as all modern pipe comes with the makers writing down its length), lockwired on either end with stainless steel lockwire - in the way that original pipes were originally wired

Note: the 1948 Spare Parts catalog (Plate D), shows a solid one piece pipe for the none racing models.  Although I have seen these fitted (rarely) - they are not a good idea because they have to be made for the specific engine they are to be fitted to - i.e. being a 350/500/compression ratio and barrel height can all affect the pipe length and lead to the pipe fracturing if not a perfect fit.  For this reason we only offer this (adjustable) version and do not recommend fitting a solid version - unless it is the original one fitted to your engine.

Final point:  Most aluminium cambox's have a different union position in the casting to the racing (magnesium) cambox's.  These adjustable assemblies allow the pipes and unions to be moved slightly to allow fitment to both types of cambox's.  However - if for any reason you have an unusual combination and this will not easily fit, just let us know and we will offer refund or try to make a replacement to fit (try not to damage fittings when trial fitting though!)

Fitting this breather pipe (and black rubber oil pipe if you wish to do so) adds that finishing touch of originality to your motorcycle - if I say so myself the finished assembly looks really good! 

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