SOHC Inner Timing Cover and Outer Timing Cover - Varying Combinations

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This listing is for a matched pair of SOHC Inner Timing Cover and Outer Timing Cover with rev clock boss.  There are various combinations available and although this listing shows a single price of £450, dependent on the combination of magnesium or aluminium inner and ribbed or plain outer, the price will vary slightly dependent on what we have in stock, which we will confirm back when you order - but will be slightly cheaper than buying each cover seperately.

However, the benefit of buying both together is that these will have been linished and polished as a matched pair, so will pair up far batter.  As there were so many slight variations of covers over the years, when fitting unmatched inner/outer covers (even originals), there is always some small difference in matching that has to be linished out - but buying together as a pair like this means this will not be necessary.

Additionally, there is a slight saving in buying both together (although it actually takes more time to prepare them this way!!), and I include a pair of outer rev clock fixing screws with each purchase.

The following combinations available:

  • Magnesium inner cover and Plain alloy outer cover
  • Magnesium inner cover and Ribbed alloy outer cover
  • Alloy inner cover and Plain alloy outer cover
  • Alloy Inner cover and Ribbed alloy outer cover

For more details of the inner and outer timing covers, please see the individual listings in the Timing Case section (items 318 - 322).  Note: in the photograph the cover looks like it has a mark - this is just a smear of oil and the reflection of light from the camera - all covers are highly polished and then bubble wrapped.

When ordering this item - we will email you back with the actual price and availability of each combination - depending on what is in stock at the time

November 2021 Update:  Although some combinations have now sold out, we still have a few made up (see listings) - but if you do not see the combination you require available - email us on for an update - we do have some unmachined inner timing covers we intend to make into the next batch at some point in the near future


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