Facsimile Personalised Tax Disc - 1964

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Facsimile of UK Tax Disc for 1964:  This item consists of 3 tax tax discs for tax year 1964, 2 of those 3 can be personalised to your own motorcycle details.  

This tax disc is a faithful reproduction of the original UK tax disc for that year - in colour, format, supporting information and even the council stamp that was used - which can be personalied to any UK county you give.

Each order will consist of 3 copies of your chosen year. Two of the discs will be pre-printed with your own bike details (which I will give you the option to provide) as well as a County Council stamp of your choice - therefore if you know the location the bike was first owned in, you might decide you would like the tax disc to show that original district.
The third tax disc will have the County Council stamp printed, but the motorcycle details will be left blank, in case you want to handwrite one with your own style - or use it on another vehicle 

Each year is a faithful and accurate representation of the actual disc for that year (unlike many of the tax discs you see advertised elsewhere) - and has taken much work and effort to make it so. 
As supplied, all 3 discs will be supplied as they would have originally been supplied by the local post office - i.e. as a rectangular shape, with the correct supporting information on the outside of the perforation (unfortunately - I cannot reproduce the actual perforation holes in the paper - but they are printed accurately and you just cut around those marks before inserting into a tax disc holder). 

As a final detail - each tax disc has the correct additional tax information on the back of the tax disc.
As always with facsimile items I offer - the tax discs are printed on high quality paper of a type similar to the original, and from a professional quality printer.

They will be supplied as shown in the photo - 3 tax discs (two pre-printed with your own motorcycle's details) in their own paper wallet. If ordered on their own they will be supplied in a 'Please Do Not Bend' envelope, else if they are ordered as part of a larger order they will be placed between suitable cardboard to avoid damage or creasing.  

Note: When placing order please include following motorcycle information, so we can enter it onto your tax discs:

  • Make of Motorcycle: i.e. Norton, Royal Enfield etc.
  • Registration of Motorcycle: i.e TFV602 shown in example photograph here
  • Motorcycle cc: i.e. 700cc
  • County Council - if you know where your motorcycle was first registered: i.e. Essex (by Default it will say Norwich CC if you do not state another

Please leave at least two weeks from placing the order for these items to be supplied - as Paul can only produce them when next back from his day job

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