Competition Rubber Saddle Cover - Dunlop Small Version : Replica

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Modern replica rubber saddle cover - similar to the Dunlop competition saddle - small size.  

This is a modern replica of the Dunlop rubber saddle fitted to many Norton Competition and International SOHC models both pre and post war.  This is not a full seat - just the cover . . . which is a possible replacement for your original, if yours is perished and split.  Sorry you will have to find your own rivets - but any large pan head rivets of aluminium or copper with a rivet length of at least 0.5" should be approximately correct . . . check your own saddle frame for details.

This saddle is of the 'small' competition type (there was also a larger type fitted to some models on certain years)  - the dimensions of this saddle cover is - 310mm at its widest point and 295mm from nose to the centre of the rear lip.

You will see in the last photograph I have placed one of these replica saddle covers on top of my 1938 Norton Racing international which is fitted with an original Dunlop rubber saddle of the same small size - as you can see they look very similar in size and shape 

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