Telescopic (Es-Way Replica) Prop Stand

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This is a beautifully made copy of the original pre-war Es-Way telescopic prop stand - a great add on for any 1920's-1950's British rigid (and possibly plunger) motorcycle and a period piece that would like great and in keeping on your roadgoing Norton International - or any rigid Norton for that matter! 

The theory is that the stand is mounted vertically to the two rear tubes of a rigid frame and when in the 'off' position it is fully raised.  Then when you want to park up, just pull down the telescopic tube with your left boot to the height you want, and it will stay in that position . . . therefore can be left at whatever lean angle you want.  Even better, when you then want to ride off, just kick the 'trigger' at the bottom and a strong spring will extend the telescopic leg again - simple!

These were quite popular in their day and I have an original one I was fortunate to have acquired from my old friend Titch Allen many years ago . .. which I have been saving to put on my 1937 roadgoing Norton International when I finish building it.  

Therefore I am really pleased to be able to offer these really high quality replica stands, which as you can see from the accompanying photographs - come complete, black coated, and with a full and comprehensive collection of brackets and fittings - with all fittings being in stainless steel.  They come boxed in their own polystyrene packaging box and include full instructions for use.

When I come to fit my own . . . I will probably find the original is not as good a quality as these, and use one of these instead!

Finally, as far as I can work out, these were mainly fitted to rigid bikes, but I think they would probably work just as well on plunger framed bikes . . . If you want one for your Norton plunger, drop me an email and I will try and place one up against one of my plunger framed bikes 

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