Bonhams Catalog - 10th January 2013: Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

Bonhams Catalog - 10th January 2013: Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

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Bonhams Catalog For: Bonhams Catalog - 8th January 2015: Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

Catalog Condition: Good, no creases (other than the little corner creases I put to reference a page), tears or marks

No of Pages/Auction Lots:  193 pages / 476 lots

Vehicles/Lots of Particular Interest:

- Interesting collection of old racing posters and early engines and engine cutaways in memorobilia.

- 1907 Indian Single Board Track Racer

- MV Augusta collection of singles, including 1956 Squalo racer and Parillo 250 racer from same collection

- 1966 Motobi Zanzani Works Racer

- 1911 (earliest) unrestored Pope

- 1967 BSA A50R Works racing twin

- 1928 Ace Hemi-Head prototype (4 pages very rare)

- 1922 Henderson 4

- Unrestored 1923 Douglas 750 flat twin (2 pages)

- 1939 BMW RS255 Kompressor (4 pages - excellent), BMW RS54 racer with Bartl fairing, 1954 Rennsport RS54 sidecar racer, 1954 BMW Rennsport RS54 - these all being from one collection and stars of the auction



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