Brake Lever Assembly - 7/8" Plain Lever/Non-Competition Type

Brake Lever Assembly - 7/8" Plain Lever/Non-Competition Type

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These are nice quality (UK sourcsed) 7/8" handlebar plain levers, i.e. of the old style without a ball on the end).  They are of the style that would originally have been fitted to roadgoing Norton models.  This listing is for a (right) brake lever (without adjusters) - Ref Type 207P.

They come complete with clamps and screws and the chroming quality looks good.  The length of the blade is 6" (inch) end to end.  It is worth noting we also sell matched pairs of similar levers - Item 0578, however, the blade length for those are 5.5" - i.e. they are not an identical match, although very similar in other respects)

Note: These are not the rare competition style levers that were fitted to competition Racing Internationals/Manx's, these are the standard type Amal style levers fitted to many models of the 30's-50's (we do manufacture the competion type in-house in very small batch's as well - item No 0330, but they are very different from the type shown here, and the price difference reflects that, with these being a mass produced generic type)

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