SOHC/DOHC M30 Racing Oil Tank Oiler - Front Type

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This is an exact replica of the very distinctive racing type oil tap (or 'Oilers' as they were commonly known) fitted to both Pre and Post war racing M30/Manx Norton wrapround tanks.  Normally one tap was fitted to the front of the oil tank for drip feed lubrication of the primary drive chain, and a similar oiler was fitted at the rear of the tank for drip feed onto the rear chain.  This item listing is for the front oiler type - this item having a straight pipe, as per the original item. 

Background:  these taps are now very hard to come by and normally quite worn and knocked about.  As a starting point, as always I took an original oil tap and replicated all parts as closely as possible to the original.  Patterns were made for casting the bronze body then all the ancillary parts (including the distinctive dial shaft which is actually quite difficult to reproduce due to the unusual notchings on the underside) were reproduced in brass by main main UK based CNC manufacturer.  The dial face is lasercut from stainless steel and the design is etched into it with excactly the same pattern as the original.  Likewise as the finishing touch, there is an adjustable needle pointer (again - identical to original) which can be adjusted to indicate the favoured position when the tap is turned on.  With all machining operations completed, final task was to have all parts dull nickel plated (a difficult operation to get done these days in the modern world of Health and Safety!), to give the original satin nickel finish of the original.

This (front) facing oiler is fitted with a straight outlet pipe, ready to take the correct 1/8" bore pipe to the primary chain.  For the rear oiler, these were fitted with a curved pipe to turn the pipe round onto the rear chain - if you want a rear oiler, then see the similar listing for Item 0571.

Sorry these are not cheap (although cheaper than some recent originals sold on Ebay!), but the price reflects the many parts and numerous machining/manufacturing operations required, added to the high cost of small volume production runs.  They do look nice though and are pretty much indistinguishable from a 'new old stock' original. 

Update Feb 2021:  These were showing out of stock from Dec 2020.  However, while preparing the next batch of bodies for nickel plating, I found 3 bodies of the last batch not made up yet, so have changed these to in-stock.  If you require one of these - please order, but bear in mind it may take up to two weeks to do the final assembly (and dependent on if a front or rear required, as the pipe that exits the tap is different for the two).  We are expecting the next new batch of these to also be available in late Spring 2021

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