Norton M30/SOHC Manx/Inter Handlebar (non Braced) - 1" diameter

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This item is for a chromed 1" handlebar with the correct TT style profile for SOHC Manx and sports/racing Internationals, but without the brace described in item 0561/0562.

These 1" unbraced type were fitted to very early Racing Inter's, before Norton's adopted the rubber mounted top yoke fitting.  I did not originally intend to make this type - but as a few customers have specifically asked for them, I had a handful of 1" bars chromed afterwards by my chromer. These handlebars have been specially made for me by a specialist UK handlebar maker, to a template taken from my 1938 Big Plunger M30 (Manx) Norton handlebars, which I believe to be original 'TT profile' handlebars. They have just the right profile for a sports/racing Cammy Norton and will finish off your build nicely, I have lost track over the years of the number of 'proprietary' handlebars I have ended up bending (and ruining!) in trying to make up the same profile! Sorry these are not cheap - but they are small volume 'specials' made by a trusted supplier, not the generic handlebar shapes you will find on ebay. Note: the photograph actually shows the 7/8" unbraced type, but these are the 1" diameter.   The reason these are more expensive than the corresponding 7/8" diameter, is that I had the 7/8" type chromed by the manufacturer, not realising that many owners of pre-braced girder forks would also want 1" unbraced bars, therefore these bars had to be polished and chromed by my own chromer, who is a 'restoration quality' chroming company - hence the additional cost, but they do look nice!

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