1/4" BSF Forged Nut - Stainless: Pack of 10

1/4" BSF Forged Nut - Stainless: Pack of 10

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Pack of 10 1/4" BSF stainless steel nuts - commercially available forged type, fractionally smaller width than our 'full nut' type, but often better for smaller bolts and cheaper.  same TPI as BSC bolts and interchangeable.

I use these on exhaust clamp bolts, where I like to fit two, one as a locknut.  I also use them on smaller (i.e. 7/8") length bolts and fittings where a full nut not required.  Still nice quality stainless, but fractionally less wide than our full nut and because these are a commercially available BSF nut, noticeably cheaper than our special BSC nuts.

Note:  strictly speaking - BSF nuts have a different thread angle to BSC, although both are 26tpi - but I have never really found any noticeable difference and both seem to fit BSC bolts just as well (and I suspect 90% of BSC nuts made for sale actually use BSF taps!) 

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