Small/Straight 'Norton Type' Grease Nipple and Red Fibre Washer: (Pack of 6)

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Imperial thread grease nipple of type similar to that originally fitted to Norton frame headstock races, Norton Gardengate rear plunger alloy sliders, and Norton brake pedals, with correct style and finish.  Also comes with correct size red fibre washer. 

This listing is for a pack of 6 grease nipples and red fibre washers

These are a good quality UK sourced grease nipple - and most importantly, we obtain specially with the original style 'silver' coloured plating (unlike most modern grease nipples, which are mostly only available  in a gold coloured plating supplied - which looks totally wrong on a British historic motorcycle).  We also supply each grease nipple with our high quality red fibre washer (sold seperately  as Item 0097), which is both very hard and the correct slim diameter - so looks correct when fitted.

These types of small straight nipples were normally fitted on most Norton single cylinder models - commonly on the frame headrace greasing points, girder forks, plunger alloy castings, brake pedals etc, as per photographs.  As many original grease nipples lock up and stop working with age, replacing with these is practical - and is one of those small touches that give your a restoration a nice detail touch

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