BTH KD1 'Dirt Track Magneto' Plate

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This is a very high quality replica of the BTH KD1 'Dirt Track Magneto' plate, as fitted most commonly to speedway but also some the road racing competition version of the KD1 magneto (and sometimes fitted to early Manx Nortons). On competition KD1 magneto's, these labels were fitted on the opposite side to the Serial Number label, unlike the none competition versions, that only had the serial number label. Supposedly, the magnetos were identical to the TT version, so it is really just personal preference if you want this label or the 'TT Magneto' version. It looks very pretty with a high quality brass finish with black enamel infill. Note, we also sell both original size and oversize rivets, used to fit these plates (see Item 0467/0468/0469)

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