Spoke Set for 20" Rear Rim - Norton Plunger Hub

Spoke Set for 20" Rear Rim - Norton Plunger Hub

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Norton International's and early Manx's were originally fitted with 20" WM2 rims. This rim type has been obsolete for many years, but recently I was able to obtain a small batch of 20" chrome rims from my supplier. This item is for a 40 Hole spoke set to fit these 20" Rear rim and Norton Plunger hub

Spoke Set for 19" Rear wheel, fitted to Norton Plunger type hub (i.e. one side of the spoke flange slightly wider than the other, unlike the Cotton Reel type rear hub fitted to Rigid and swinging arm Norton's, that has equal width spoke flanges)

Note - this hub can be identified as different to the rigid type hube - because the flanges are slightly different diameters and the retaining studs for the plunger sprocket has 3 studs and 3 locating dowels (the rigid cotton reel hub just has 3 holes for 3 studs to fit through).  See the accompanying photographs to confirm your hub looks as this one.  For reference - the larger flange is approximately 128mm in outer diameter, while the smaller flange is 107mm diameter

These are good quality UK manufactured 9 gauge galvanised spoke and nipple sets.

Note: the photograph here is the same as item 363, but the spokes when they arrive are slightly different - of unequal lengths


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