Spoke Set for 21" Front Rim - Norton Early Conical Single Sided Hub

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40 Hole spoke set to fit 21" Front rim using the early type (Single leading shoue) conical type hubs fitted to pre-war racing Interanationals and early (pre 1950) Manx's. (Note: the single sided 7" hub has slightly different dimensions and is a different item we also list).

These are good quality English supplier 9 gauge galvanised spoke and nipple sets. Please note: there is actually 2 sets in the photograph shown, this item is for one full set (40 spokes and nipples).

Spoking arrangement:  In the last photograph you will see a picture of one of my wheels which has the pre-war/early post war conical hub these spokes are intended for, laced to a 21" flanged alloy rim.  In this photograph the longer spokes where they crossover are 10 spokes apart (i.e. there are 9 spoke holes between them).  the shorter spokes are 6 spokes apart where they crossover (i.e. 5 spoke holes imbetween).  Each spoke of same side/same direction is laced 4 spokes apart

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