Norton Upright Gearbox Linkage Clevis Pins+Split Pins - Pack of 4

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These are a modern equivelant for the clevis pins used to connect the gear linkage on Norton gearbox's between the positive stop selector mechanism and the main gearbox selector plate.  They are also of the type commonly fitted to rear brake rods.  This listing is for 4 clevis pins and 4 split pins - slightly more economical than buying 2 x item 0357 if you want a spare pair of gearbox rod clevis's or want to do brake rod and gearbox clevis's.

These are supplied from a good quality UK manufacturer.

If you have any play at all on your existing pins, then fitting new pins is an easy way of instantly improving gearchange - it is a cheap way of improving gearchange before looking at other causes of bad gearchange (i.e. worn thrust washer, worn gear selector mechanism bearings, bad clutch adjustment etc.

These clevis pins are 0.250" diameter, which is also a common size for use on rear brake rod clevis connectors - so can be used for that purpose as well.  We also sell as a pair - Item listing 0337

Price is for a 4 clevis pins and 4 split pins.

Note - these should not be used on Norton girder fork rebound springs, which are intended for a bigger clevis pin.  See Norton forks section where we offer the correct clevis pins to fit those springs.

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