Norton 'Flat Type' Pressed Wheel Bearing Dust Cover

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This is the distinctive (and now very difficult to find) front wheel bearing dust cover, which was fitted to most Norton single sided hubs through the 1930's to early 1960's.  It has serrated tangs (which are normally broken on originals) and is an exact copy of the original item.  Although manufactured in non rusting stainless steel, this version is also light dull blasted  - to give it the look of the original dull nickel plating effect

This dust cover is very hard to find now, and when you do see originals at autojumbles - invariably one of the tangs are broken off!

We also sell the other commonly fitted wheel bearing dust cover - which was conical in profile, that type were fitted to 'cotton reel' hubs (normally fitted to non-plunger rear wheels and pre-war front wheels with bolt on brake drums) - however this type was normally fitted to the one piece single sided Norton hubs, of various types - it being fitted to protect the wheel bearing on the non-brake side.

Examples of brake drums where this type of flat serrated bearing cover used are:

- Pre-war International type 7" single sided brake drum (identifiable from post war type as it is a one piece casting)

- Post war 7" single sided brake drum

- Post war 8" single sided brake drum - the type fitted to most roadgoing singles and twins until the introduction of the full width road hub

In the accompanying photos, the bearing dust cover is fitted in place - in this case to a pre-war 7" single sided International brake drum.  The second photo shows me holding an original item next to ours.

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