SOHC Rocker Box - Rubber Pad Roller (Hardened) - Per Pair

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These are the half circular hardened steel plates that are located beneath the lower cambox rubbers, and which the rubber adjuster screws (A11/817) push against to ensure the lower cambox rubber's are held tight against the rocker arms. There are two per cambox (if only fitted under the lower rubber seals, so the adjusters push against them), and are therefore sold as a pair.

It is worth noting that rubber pads are fitted above and below the central hub of the rocker arms, to retain oil (hopefully!) - and although it is essential to use these hardened pads against the lower rubbers (because of the adjusters pushing against them) - the cambox casting slot that holds the upper rubber seals also had a curved shape at its extremity that makes it suitable for another set of these pads.  I have stripped original cambox's down and found these same half moon hardened pads behind the rubbers seals on the top rubbers as well  - often, pushing them in helps push the top rubbers against the rockers.  I show this in the accompanyning photo.

As a further FYI - I have seen racing cambox's where these pads are fitted on the top slots as well - but the end of the hardened half moon pads have been tapered slightly (probably on a linisher) - the idea being:  fit the lower and top rubbers in the slots, but with the lower rubber adjusters slackened off, then carefully slide in the rocker arms, then feed in a hardened half moon pad into the cambox behind the top rubber and lightly tap it in (the tapered end assisting it being tapped in) - which helps push the top rubber against the rocker arm; then finally use the adjuster to push the lower rubber against the rocker arm.

I often get asked how tight the cambox rubbers should be - well many factors affect oiltightness of a cambox, but if the rubbers are correctly ajusted against the rocker arms, and new rocker cork washers are fitted - you should find on reassambly of the cambox - that the rocker arms are very stiff to move by hand - if they move easily, you probably have not got the rubbers tight enough against the rocker arms!  Hope this helps. 

Final Note:  The unuusual pattern on these pads is just colouration as a result of hardening and quite normal.

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