SOHC Ribbed Outer Timing Cover - With Rev Clock Boss (Aluminium)

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This is the 'Ribbed' type SOHC outer timing cover fitted to Norton International and Racing International (early Manx) models up to 1938.

This version is the sports\racing version that has a rev clock boss cast in, which were available even in those early days, but as rev clocks were only just starting to be used in the mid 1930's these covers were only made in very small numbers and are now rare and highly desirable.

I was fortunate to have a friend who had one of these original covers and was able to lend me it so we could have patterns made to produce this exact copy.

These versions have been faithfully replicated from an original pattrn, even including the original casting number and inner webbing. They have then been CNC machined and for the aluminium versions they are bright polished and ready to fit.

3\16" BSF screws are used to attach the rev clock gearbox to the timing cover (Item 0974) and we supply a pair with every timing cover purchased

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