Rev Clock Gearbox to Timing Covers - Screws (Pair)

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Pair of cheesehead screws to fit Rev Clock gearbox to our SOHC Timing Covers

These screws are 3/16" BSW and fit our outer timing covers with rev clock boss - the covers are tapped and threaded with these threads.

Note that the original 1948 Norton Spare Parts Catalog shows there being nuts fitted to the rear of these screws - i.e. inside the magneto chain area.  My own recommendation would be to ensure that if you are also using nuts - that you use some form of threadlock or spring washer to ensure they do not work loose in use - and they do not foul the magneto chain sprocket. 

(personally - I prefer to use just the thread in the case and ensure the screws are inserted using threadlock).

The screws are slightly longer than required, as they will need to be shortened to fit the particular type of rev clock gearbox you are fitting.  These are plain steel cheesehead screws (not stainless) - so you might want to paint the heads when fitting to ensure they do not rust.


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