Norton Wheel Bearing - Felt Washer: 1930's - 1950's Type

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Proper felt wheel bearing washers, as was original fitment on both sides of all Norton rigid,plunger and swinging arm hubs from the early 1930's through to the 1960's (except conical brake side for some reason). 

On most Norton single (and Dominator twin) models these felt seals were used to protect the wheel bearings from ingress of dust and dirt.  Most of the Norton Spare Parts catalogs through the 1930's to the 1950's showed this particular wheel bearing felt being fitted on both sides, it being fitted over the spacer that slid up against the bearing inner face.  Then (dependent on model and which side of the hub it was) - there would either be a screw in outer bearing ring 'lock ring', or on the opposite hub side, a pressed steel bearing retainer ring, which was punched in (as shown in one of the accompanyning photographs - our Item Number 0312).

These felt washers are UK manufactured for us by a specialist gasket supplier to the original pattern and are excellent quality.  On most Norton models, there should be two per wheel, one each side.

Note:  This particular felt seal were the original fitment size on most Norton models through to the early 1960's.  However we also sell a fractionally larger wheel bearing felt (with a 25mm inner diameter, as opposed to these which are 15/16" inner diameter) - Item Number 0914.  This slightly larger felt we believe were used on later bearings - probably from the early 1960's when metric bearings started to be used.  If you have non standard wheel spindle spacers fitted and are finding this (0311) felt is a tight fit, then the later larger type can also be used - they are identical other than a fractionally larger diameter.


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