Vincent/Norton 30M 19/20"" Alloy Racing Rear Mudguard

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Alloy narrow rear racing/sports mudguard - 4 1/4" wide with sports/racing C profile and correct radius for 4.25 x 19" or 20" rear tyres, specially made for RacingVincent - They are the ideal mudguard for fitting to Vincent Competition Models or Racing Internationals and SOHC Manx models and should be considered a matching item to the alloy front sport/racing mudguard shown here - Item 0305F.

These rear mudguards have a 15" radius (taken from the wheel spindle centre to the top of the 'C' section), which makes them suitable for 19" rear tyres such as Avon GP or Roadrunners. I have also matched them up to a 20" rear tyre, as used originally on Norton Internationals, and they also look suitable for this tyre form. We also have them made longer than most rear mudguards, so they can be cut to your length - in case you want them with a longer drop at the rear as some older racing or grasstrack bikes had

They are the ideal mudguard for fitting to Vincent Competition Models or Racing Internationals and SOHC Manx models 

However, if you are going to paint these black, and not worried about the marginal weight saving - I personally would recommend going for the steel version of this mudguard we also sell (item 0307), as they are more durable and do not dent as easily. 

If you do fit them to a Norton competition bike - I would advise fitting a strengthening rib of steel (approx 1" wide) on their underside if using the correct rear stand, to strengthen them. Norton's even did this with their steel items pre-war.

They are also ideal if you are building a Vincent competition model with original 20" (or 19") rear racing wheel - i.e. Vincent Grey Flash or Vincent Black Lightning.  I have fitted the same mudguard to my own Black Lightning Replica - see photo attached.

- Final point - we will always pack mudguards in special heavyweight boxes we have made for this purpose.  This is due to the postage service manhandling (and on occasion damaging) mudguards in the past.  Unfortunately these boxes are not cheap - but well worth it, to ensure best care of the mudguards - therefore Post and Packing will be more expensive than other items to account for this - but is still provided at cost (to us) only

-  Update October 2019:  Because we have been asked about an alloy version of our steel sports/racing mudguards by customers, we have had another small batch of these made (particularly by Vincent owners whom I assume have seen the photos of them fitted to my own Vincent on our RacingVincent photo gallery).  But please bear in mind that being a soft alloy, it is not unusual for them to have some small scratches or scuff marks as part of the manufacturing process - when I last fitted these to a Vincent I burnished them with a scouring pad and then satin polished them before fitting - which looks much more period - see the picture of my Black Lightning Rep in this listing.

Update November 2023: I am sorry to say that we will no longer be able to offer these mudguards to customers outside of the UK:  we apologise this is the case - but despite how well we package them - unscrupulous mailing and courier services still seem to find a way to damage them in transit - and then do everything they can to avoid us raising a claim - leaving us with a total loss and huge amount of wasted time trying to chase them.  Sorry - but if you are visiting the UK, or have a friend in the UK to deliver to - then email us before ordering - we will help if we can.  Best wishes Paul


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