Norton 1930's-40's Kick Starter Lever

Norton 1930's-40's Kick Starter Lever

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This non-folding kickstarter is of the design that was fitted to many Norton road going models fromt the 1930's - 1950''s.

It is from an offshore supplier (listed by them as Norton 16H type) and is what I often class as of the 'cheap and cheerful' category!  - i.e. very good value for money, but not of the same quality and finish as our folding kickstarter (Item 0299) and made from a casting (as opposed to our folding kickstarter which is from a forging). 

Please note though that the total offset (as shown in the second photograph) is 1 1/4" inch and that the shaft does not have a kink, instead being a gradual taper away.  This means that you should check that your exhaust pipe runs underneath the kickstarter spring cover . . . because if it extends out beyond that, there is a good chance the kickstarter will foul the pipe on the downstroke . .  . as there are many different single cylinder exhaust pipe types, this is important to check before purchasing.

Although offering good value for money - if you do not mind the slight loss of originality from fitting a folding rather than original 'rigid' type - then I personally would recommend buying our better quality folding kickstart version (item 0299). . . it is a higher quality product and will work on SV/OHV/OHC Nortons from the early 30's - late 50's

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