Chrome Rear Rim: 19 Inch WM2 40 Hole

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- English made, good quality chrome WM2 19" 40 spoke rim, with correct spoke spacing to fit both Norton rigid and Gardengate 'cotton reel' hubs. As many of you know, Internationals pre-war were originally fitted with 20" rims. I can also supply that rare rim size, but tyre choice in that size is very limited . . . so for many people this is a more practical choice as it allow a much wider choice, including some soft compound 19" tyres now available. Also - for OHV/SV machines, 19" rear rims was always original fitment. Finally, these rims when fitted to Nortons would originally have come with a black painted centre section, with red pinstripes on each side of the black. I will be painting my rims in this manner, and will report back in a future article how to do this and how durable it turns out to be. I may even offer it as an additonal option when buying these rims - but I suspect the effort required with etch primer and lining etc will make them very expensive. As always, email me if you are interested

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