Alloy Front Rim : 19 Inch WM2 Flanged for Conical (SOHC and DOHC) Hub

Product no.: 0289 RM19/003

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- High quality (Morat - originally Akront) flanged alloy rim  to fit conical (Manx type) front hub, both SOHC and DOHC type. 

I already sell a 21" alloy front rim, but I have now extended this to included a 19" 40 hole front rim, to fit a conical (9" spoke flange to spoke flange) conical Manx front hub. Using this size rim gives you a much wider choice of front tyre as well as a slightly larger contact patch on the road. If you are using your Norton for any competition events, and are less concerned about originality, then this is probably a more appropritate rim than the 21" rim. It became standard fitment on double knocker Manx Nortons anyway, and this rim has the correct spoke arrangement for all conical hubs.

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