Norton Clutch Plates - Manx Type Competition/HD Plain Plates (pre-AMC Type)

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These clutch plates, although of the same fitment as the earlier type plain clutch plates (item 0255) are actually of the type sometimes fitted to original Manx Norton models.

Their design is different in that they are slightly thicker than the standard type (nominal 2mm) but also have the very distinctive radial slots/circles you can see in the picture.

I am not entirely sure what the purpose of this design was - but I assume it was either to enhance grip or reduce the risk of distortion under the additional stress most race bikes give the clutch (or a bit of both).

This clutch plate is an identical copy of an original plate taken from one of my race Norton bikes (these were fitted to my doubleknocker when I purchased it). As you can see from one of accompanying photographs, ours are identical in design and thickness to the original (but very burnt out now!) original plate. Over the years I have seen this type of plate occasionally fitted to original racing clutch's . . . but to my knowledge they have not been available to buy new for many years.

These plates have inner tongues of 0.290" width - Please check you clutch before ordering, as it is not always obvious which type of clutch plate is fitted. Manx clutch's were normally fitted with 4 plain plates as standard, while road bikes were fitted with 5.

We lightly linish each clutch plate to remove any burr marks or edges resulting from laser cutting (and and sharp edges from occasional scratchs that are inevitable with large lasercut items) - and as well as being purposeful for a competition clutch, look very unusual and distinctive.  

You will see in the photographs, they have been fitted here to an original 1930's racing clutch (which also has 'new old stock' solid Ferodo friction plates fitted) - but should fit all Norton clutch's pre-amc, including road going clutch's if required 

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