OHV/SV Main Bearing - Timing & Drive Side Roller Bearing - C3 Fit : Model 1, 16H, 18, ES2.

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- Single row roller bearing. Fitted to all pushrod and sidevalve engines (from 1930's to late 1950's).. These are original high quality RHP bearings (plastic sealed), in the correct C3 fit - now extremely difficult to find.

Update Feb 2019:  Amazingly, these single row roller bearings in the correct 'looser' C3 fit from top manufacturer RHP seem to be now more difficult to find than the same corresponding SOHC main bearings!

I have managed to obtain a small batch of these bearings - but they are possibly the last ones that will be available and I only have a few left.  Sorry, but the price reflects this - the bearing stockists are aware they are holding the last ones.  Never the less, if you want the correct roller bearing, from top manufacturer RHP and in correct looser C3 fit - these are them.

Final point on ball and roller main bearings fitted to 1930's/50's OHV and SV engines: Unusually, Norton's showed a roller bearing being fitted on both sides of the crankcases on OHV/SV engines (i.e. 1948 catalog), with a ball bearing fitted just on the outer drive side.  However, I have stripped OHV engines down in the past where a ball bearing is fitted both sides, with just the drive side inner being a roller bearing.  Not sure if it makes a great deal of difference - as like the SOHC engine, the OHV/SV engine was locked to the timing side bearing - but worth noting if you are struggling to find two roller bearings (and once ours have inevitably ran out)

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