Norton 1939 WD 16H Spare Parts List - A4 (Large) Facsimile

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This is a high quality facsimile of the 1938-39 ('ish) WD 16H Spare Parts list and is very useful if you are restoring a WD 16H or pre-war sidevalve Norton. However, many parts are also interchangeable with other pre-war road models, i.e Model 18 and Model 50, so many of the parts shown are the same.

As with other pre-war Spare Parts facsimile's, we have purposefully reproduced this catalog in A4 format, rather than the original A5 format. This is because pre-war Norton parts catalogs did not use exploded diagrams. Instead it showed every item individually. These small pictures are very useful (being almost like a photograph), but are very diffcult to see in normal format - therefore we have enlarged to double normal size which makes the catalog far more useful as a reference tool.

Also, many of the original blemishes and inevitable marks found on original catalogs have been carefully removed, otherwise, it is identical to the original catalog. Printed using high quality Xerox 100gm paper and card cover.

Note: as an interesting aside, the original catalog used here had a small addendum note glued into the inside front page - stating a 10% price increase on all bikes after 1937!, we have included this note in the facsimile copy

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