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- These racing number plates have the correct distinctive oval shape and bevelled lip as fitted to competition bikes manufactured from the 1930's to the 1950's -Supplied in a variety of colours. 

They are Oval shaped - with a Width at widest point of 11.5" (292mm) and Height at widest of 9.25" (234mm)

They are made in plastic, and therefore not of the same quality as the aluminum ones we also sell (I would call them cheap and cheerful) - but are very practical if you are regularly competing on a historic bike - as they have the correct shape and bevelled lip of older race bikes, but being plastic have some flexibility and do not bend like metal equivelants.

Also, because they are pre-coloured they do not need to be painted - therefore if you are regularly changing numbers at different races - these have the big advantage that taking the old number off will not also remove the paint! (a problem I remember well from my own racing days).

Truthfully - if you are restoring a historic bike for static or display purposes, or are not intending to change numbers often - I would advise spending the extra money and buying our aluminium versions of these - Item 0277 (both have the same shape and profile), and painting them - but these plastic versions offer good value for money, and are more durable if you are regularly competing and need something practical and durable.

Available in Black, White, Yellow or Green.  They can also be painted over if required.

Price is each - it is normal to require 3 per bike - one on the front and one on either side of the rear wheel


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