(Lucas) Voltage Regulator Clip - Under Saddle Norton International Fitting Type (Each)

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This is the fabricated bracket that was used on Postwar Pre-Featherbed framed SOHC International models to mount the Lucas Voltage Regulator, under the saddle.  As shown in the 1948 Norton Spare Parts catalog - Part Number A11/843. 

The mounting bolt affixes to the frame rear mudguard/top oil tank bracket mount - as can be seen by an exert from the 1948 Spare Parts Catalog in the accompanying photographs, which shows the posistion it was mounted under the saddle). 

This item is fabricated by us, using an original Norton International mount bracket as the pattern, and is supplied in primer.  It is lasercut and then pressed from  the original thick gauge steel to avoid any vibration to the Voltage Regulator in service (requiring heating to cherry red before we can press it into the correct shape - a laborious task, as we then linish and paint in yellow primer to prevent rusting).

For pre-war SOHC owners or OHV/SV owners also using the Lucas style Voltage regulator - some additional information: 

On pre-war models using the Lucas Voltage regulator, I have seen them mounted in various positions, but normally either under the saddle (in which case this bracket can be used), or someitmes on top of the rear frame tube that went down from the saddle post to the rear wheel.

For post-war OHV/SV owners with rigid or plunger models - if you look at the accompanyning picture from the 1948 Spare Parts Catalog, you will see that on the left is a picture of the OHV/SV type oil tank, with a different style of bracket that had two mounting points - again the rear mudguard frame tube, but an additional mount hole on the top of the oil tank.  Again, although I have not tried it - I see no reason why the type of bracket shown here could not be used as a substitute if you do not have this original OHV/SV type bracket (they are very difficult to find now).  However, we do have an original OHV/SV bracket as a pattern, and I may be fabricating a batch of the OHV/SV type in late 2020 - email sales@racingvincent.co.uk if interested in one

Final point with all models where the Lucas Regulator is fitted under the saddle - it is important to ensure that the when the saddle and spring is at full deflection (a bigger problem as I get older and my arse gets fatter!), the springs of the saddle do not hit the regulator . . . this was always an issue when new (particularly if you have fitted some kind of cutout to the brass regulator cover, as my father used to do!).  And if you are revamping your electrics - I would recomend you considering ditching the original Lucas regulator gubbins (which were always unreliable) and moving to a modern 'Solid State' regulator, which can be fitted inside the original regulator case - we can offer possibly the best version of these on the market - the V-Reg 2a Solid State Regulatore : See Item 0574 

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