SOHC 350cc 40M 1935-48 (Magnesium Crankcase) Front Engine Plates - Pair

SOHC 350cc 40M 1935-48 (Magnesium Crankcase) Front Engine Plates - Pair

Product no.: 0202 A10M/522(B)
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'- These front engine plates are fabricated using sided jigs (see pictures), to ensure they have the correct offset, form and hole location. All dimensions are copied from an original SOHC 350cc Manx engine plate.

Note: It is extremely difficult to find two original Manx frames of this era exactly the same!, therefore even original engine plate hole dimensions can vary by a small degtree. Because of this, I can also supply these engine plates without the front frame drilled if required.

I also offer a service, whereby if the customer is prepared to pay the additional postage, I will send both sets and the customer can send back one of the sets once they have decided which is best. Please email me seperately after ordering. If this item is ordered without emailing me seperately, I will assume a 'normal' set with all holes drilled are required.

They come shaped, linished and lightly oiled.

Priced per Pair

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