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I am now able to offer a selection of lasercut engine plates to fit both International and SOHC Manx models in both 350cc and 500cc variants. In most cases these plates are replicated from originals and have been trial fitted to frames. It is important to point out however that even with genuine Norton engine plates, it is rare to find two sets of plates exactly the same!, they often had small variations. Because of this, for the most common types I can offer them fully drilled or semi drilled, where the final frame hole is left blank, so you can drill it to fit your own frame and be sure it is correct. If you are not sure which set to buy, I am prepared to offer to send both types, and then if the fully drilled set does fit, you just send back the other set or vica versa. Obviously, while offering this service I do expect you to pay for extra postage to send the unwanted set back to me! I am also increasing the range all the time to include new brackets and fabricated parts, like the oil tank brackets fitted to both Manx wrapround tanks and International half wrapround tanks. In nearly all cases, these parts are modern lasercut and are copied from originals using special scanning software and then replicated using Autocad drawings

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